Thursday, January 20, 2011


Big Bang Theory night!!!!!
But during the commercials, we watched this documentary on a baby elephant orphange. If a baby elephant loses it's mother, it suffers trauma and grief akin to that which a human suffers. The orphanage tries to allow the baby elephants to bond with a new herd and also with people because the mother-child bond is so important to their early survival. The woman who started the orphanage even had to develop a special formula to give the babies because they depend on their mother's milk for the first 2 years. It took her 28 years to develop!

 I would like to find out some more information and I will share when I do but for now some sweet baby elephant images. They are so wrinkly and they wave their little trunks around. I finally found a favourite animal (took me long enough, I turn 29 in two days!)

And a few etsy elephants.

And the best two animals (but also a message to you, reader....)

Finally, 365 Project update

This is the view from the Tim Horton's I stop at on my way to and from work.


cuppy said...


I kid you not, I had a bunch of photos set to make a post about elephants this week! HA! Great minds think alike !!!

I love elephants so much! They're such beautiful & amazing animals.

I'm glad that you love them too!

By the way, thank you for the super sweet comment you just left on my most recent post. It made me all blushy & gooey inside <3 You're the bestest !!!!! I wish that there was a way to respond to comments directly so that you'd get the responses & know I wrote you back. Sigh.


p.s. Do I owe you a letter or vice versa?

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness those baby elephants are way too adorable!!

Elis said...

I love elephants! They are so awesome, not to mention cute as the dickens. I used to collect elephant stuff so I have a lot of statues and figurines floating around my place. :)

Elizabeth said...

Elephants are adorable! especially the baby ones.

Elis said...

Psst! Just wanted to share the Stylish Blogger Award with you! :)

the perfect pear said...

I CANT believe there was no ring! I feel TERRIBLE! im 100% positive that all the envelopes had rings in them, was the envelope open or anything like that?! i'd be glad to send you another one, if you like! email me at theperfectpearpair(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Teddi said...

i <3 the elephants post & those astrid postcards R fab!