Thursday, December 2, 2010

This week in photos

I haven't posted much this week, but I took a few snaps, so other than teaching Middle School French and Basic Computer Skills here's the week.
We decorated for Christmas! The cat immediately settled under the tree.

I picked up these adorable little creatures at our local "Elf Shop". The Friends of Library hold a fundraiser every Christmas to raise money for the library. I loved them the second I saw them! They are currently guarding the felt for my Christmas crafts.

And this fella is guarding my growing pile of Christmas cards. I bought him at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Michigan.

Isn't this charm sweet? I'm making necklaces with them for my shop over the holidays!

Aren't these funny? My Sunday School kiddies made them for kicks. (They're magnets)

This little pouch came in the mail this week too. I ordered from the Dainty Squid. I bought one as a Christmas present for my friend too, but couldn`t wait to give it to her. I really love it. Too much actually. I don`t want to use it, haha.

And finally, I was pretty tired one morning this week, and didn`t really look at what shoes and socks I was wearing. I drove half way to work and stopped to get a coffee. I looked down AND ...

Blue pants, pink and black striped socks and gray plaid shoes, baha. I wish the picture did the clashyness full justice.
When I get really tired, I eat one of these. Total sugar high. I typically hate donuts. I think I always have. One day I was craving something sweet so I tried one of these Tim Horton`s Vanilla Dip donuts. I think I was tricked into by all the colourful sprinkles. At first, they gave me headaches.... too much sugar... but lately, mmmm.... so delicious!
This post is a tad muddled but love to you just the same! xoxox


Cryssi said...

Please come over and teach me how to sew a blanket stitch!

The Vanilla Dip cupcakes are my fav! I used to be a huge chocolate glaze fan as a kid, but they just don't taste the same as they used to!

With Love, Jamie said...

You are so cute!
I love that little bike charm, ALOT!!
And your kitty photo is too sweet :)
xo, Jamie

Becca said...

You teach French?
That's such a cool job!

Elis said...

All that felt looks so adorable in little piles like that! ^_^
I've heard those Tim Horton donuts are mother and her boyfriend were freaking out about them when they came back from Canada the first time. I've never had one, but now I want one! hehe. ^^
I love your shoes/socks/pants combo! :D

Sera Pie said...

I love that bicycle charm!

Cassidy said...

CHRISTMAS! Can't wait :) And I love donuts, especially holiday ones.