Thursday, December 30, 2010

Everything matches in Geek World

I changed my bed and walls over the weekend and I wanted to show you the results, but the pictures were too blurry because I rushed so instead..... here's an inferior quality photo of the new bag I purchased from Bayan Hippo. I absolutely love it, I have stopped using any other bag or purse or well, that's really the limit, but honestly it's super comfortable to wear.... and my favourite part.... the attention to detail.

Here's a prettier picture

It makes me happy :)
So does this hair bow and sheep that I made/got for Lola. That's what I named her.... finally.

The other day a friend came over with a Suvivorman kit, wearing a bandana. I rolled my eyes at the geekiness. A third party turned to me, "Did you order your doll clothes?", I answered that I had. The person quickly pointed out there was clearly a competition for geekiness in the room.... I declined further comment.
The real proof I might be a geek....

I think everything matches with sneakers xo


Elis said...

Ooh, I love that bag! The closure is so clever and distinctive looking. :)
My current bag is of the same style (a messenger bag, I guess?) and I love being able to wear it across my body and keep my hands free. :)

Elisse said...

That messenger bag is really nice - chic look on the outside, and I bet it fits a ton of stuff!