Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Countdown.... officially Day 9, my Day 4 (I think....)

I had a mini tree, but it was too mini. I bought a slightly bigger mini tree so I could get rid of the first mini tree. I kept both. There isn't a lot of light in this photo so it's hard to see much other than that I take crooked photos, but they are kinda cute. I really want to draw your attention to the photograph in the background  though. The one that looks like this :)

My grandfather is both the photographer of and model in this photograph. He loved trains probably more than photography, so he arranged this picture from a different era. He probably took it in the 1960s... much later than it depicts. I simply love it. It's so fun and creative. My grandfather was a truly knowledgable and wonderful man and role model. He use to stay at our house for Christmas when I was very young and it was one of my favourite parts about the holiday.

And finally, I found one more Mila picture. I keep her on my self with the plushies when I'm not photographing her. She fits right in. (And has become an avid reader of popular fiction. She rarely gets to visit the classics or non-fiction)


Tiffany said...

Your trees are awesome!! Love them~
And I LOVE that photograph!! It is amazing!!

Elis said...

That picture of your granddad is so cool! I can see where your flair for photography came from. :)

jules said...

I LOVE the mini trees. Much less commitment. I don't have time for the big ones. But see you are still totally festive.

I was completely eyeing that photograph even before you mentioned it. Amazing!