Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Countdown (a week and a day til Christmas EVE!!!!)

Things I love:
1) Making shrinky dink things with the Grade 7s. (This clearly has NOTHING to do with French and everything to do with me wanting to do a craft with them, which they LOVED!) As you can see, I broke HAPPY, fortunately that was the boy's disgarded one anyway.

2) Delicious and healthy

3) Pretty tree ornaments, that I hung from a bookshelf, but who cares?

4) The photo of number 4 didn't work, so I'm saving it for tomorrow.

5) My new graphic tees! (And these super perfect post cards).

6) Evidentally I need to also include purple, since both my new shirts are in that colour and I didn't even realize it.... so sad, haha... but such a great colour :)

I loved the Hunger Games and although I enjoyed Twilight, it bothered me that Bella was so weak. Katniss on the other hand, super strong girl. (She saves the boys repeatedly!)
Katniss shirt found at Fluffshop.

Oh and 7) YOU!

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