Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Countdown, tribute to eighth graders

As you may have figured out, lately I have been teaching Middle Schoolers. This was NEVER my dream job and somedays it's super challenging for a pathetically emotional wimp like myself.
I thought my post today would be a tribute to the moments that make it funny, quirky, even enjoyable.

We are studying Christmas words in French. Un ange is an angel. That's your lesson for the day. Randomly an eighth grade boy (one who is as of yet small and cute and doesn't tower over me with a still baby face) piped up, "Miss, you look like un ange". I almost burst out laughing. I said, "You think I look like an angel". He quickly backpedalled and said "Oh, is that what that means?". It's funny he didn't say "Miss you look like un arbre or un cadeau or un sac".

So, my Christmas countdown photo.... me looking like "un ange", sorta or at least wearing a fake halo, a few years ago (and a quite a few pounds heavier)
While looking for this angel photo, I found this whiteboard picture. A number of years ago in Sunday School we were discussing the kids' definition of "sin" I think.
Sowasiding = suiciding I think
Don't bomb people's houses and cannibalism also feature. Love it!
And finally, I found this at weheartit.com

Love you all!


Elis said...

Cute photo! You do look like an angel. ^_^

Kym said...

Look at those kitties! And your photo is so cute :-)

Teaching middle schoolers has to be hard at times, my son is almost 13 and he is just all over the place sometimes. I give you oodles of credit.