Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Countdown - Excitement!

Here are the things I'm excited about today, other than obviously Christmas.

This pretty cameo.

It's a little boy and girl.

These little earrings (I made them!)

I made this necklace for myself, but I will put one in my shop in the New Year. The only thing is, when I first wore it, I put it on in the mirror and didn't realize it was backwards... oops!

I made these from a book called Felties by Nelly Pailloux. They are so easy too make.

There they are on my desk!

I don't know if you can see, but right in the centre is a painting of a train. It was a Christmas present from my dad's brother. He did it from a photograph my Grandfather took, and it's the last one he has. It means a lot to me that he thought of giving it to me since his father (and brother, my dad) are both gone.

I also got these perfect post cards from my penpal Astrid in Germany.

And this pretty tea cup from my Grandma and Grandpa

Isn't it lovely?

And the most exciting thing!
I ordered some pretty Martryoshka Doll ornaments from Eleanor at Unfamiliar Ceiling after seeing this post.
She posted some pictures today of MY dolls here and they are so incredibly perfect. I can't wait to get them.

I didn't specify the colours that I wanted, so she looked at my blog and decided what colours she thought would be best based on my blog. How great is that? And she got it right too. I'm sure she would really appreciate hearing from you (and your orders too since she's fallen on a bit of a tough time) and she's expecting a new baby! Here is the link to her shop as well, which she will be focusing on full-time now because she lost her job. I do believe she even donated some of the money from her sales to Janel's raising money to bring home Pita... so she's sweet and talented, and you should give her a visit if you need some cute plushies!

That's all for now, I suppose it was a bit a long, but I've been storing up my things to share.
Merry Christmas Eve Eve friends. I love you all! xoxo (and you're beautiful!)


With Love, Jamie said...

So much CUTENESS!!!

Tiffany said...

Everything is amazing~ Love the painting and how special it must be to you! Love the cute earrings you made!! Love the necklace, teacup and those amazing dolls!
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Love, Tiffany

Eleanor said...

Charity, you are so kind! I'm also so very happy you like the dolls! I can't wait for you to receive them! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

Elisse said...

All these pieces are sweet, but I think I like the cameo the best!