Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Countdown - Common and Uncommon Movie Choices

Typical (but hilarious)

Not generally thought of as a Christmas movie, but it is actually set during the holidays.
I love this one.

When I was a kid, I watched this movie, Princess Bride and Labyrinth on a continuous cycle all year long.

Not considered a classic, because it hasn't been out long enough, but definitely a good one (although bring your kleenex). Also I love Rachel McAdams and Luke Wilson is so funny in this, so maybe I have a biased perspective.

Typical, but in my top ten favourite movies ever made... okay, maybe top twenty, but still.... definitely a tradition I will keep.

Okay, also typical except I haven't been able to find it in years.

Typical, the Christmas Eve movie... and definitely the best of the Scrooge films, although I'm a big fan of Scrooged.

Not typical. My family watches this every year. It's a great movie, but only the last scene is Christmas... haha... oh well. Ricky Schroder is very young and very cute!

One of the top ten best movies ever made.... so obviously great that I don't even list it in my favourites.
SNL does a great skit with Dana Carvey, using the original dialogue but with a twist. I also enjoyed this version, hmmm I should look for it on youtube. Oh and typical, of course.

Not the typical Charlie Brown Christmas movie, but equally great. In fact, in someways I enjoy it more because I've seen it fewer times.

This movie was filmed in Canada and stars a teeny tiny Sarah Polley. I'm not sure if it's typical to Americans, but it's certainly worth watching and is typical for me.

So that's it. Only THREE more days. I have to say though, I think I like the lead up to Christmas almost more than the day itself. I hate the.... "this is the day and once it's done I have to wait another year" feeling. That sounds so negative, but what I really mean is, I love the whole holiday season not just the day... and I mean LOVE!

All of this being said, I'm watching Die Hard which is NOT a Christmas movie, oh well. Here's a photo of earlier Christmas film viewing.

In fact, I think this was maybe October of last year :)

More tomorrow loves! xo


Natasha said...

I have seen a few of these but I still haven't seen the first one, A Christmas Story. I must see if I can find it as lots of people love it.

I'm a big fan of Buddy the Elf. I could watch that every day of the year!

Hope your Christmas is wonderful and that you enjoy all the happiness and joy that this season brings.

Blessings and best wishes,

courtney. said...

i LOVE the family stone. it makes me cry no matter how many times i've seen it. just friends is one of my favorite "non-traditiona" christmas movies

Becca said...

So many movies in your tradition!
But it looks like a lot of fun. People with loads of traditions are fun people :)

Ruth said...

Die Hard is totally a Christmas film!! It's on tv every year over here.
I have ordered While You Were Sleeping... looks like my kind of cheese fest! Have you ever seen Unlikely Angel? It's a piece of Dolly Parton Christmas magic - my absolute fave.
LOVE your dresses, love the decoration inspiration pics - always a pleasure to drop by this lovely space!