Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Countdown and Cuppy's Giveway

Cutest, sweetest, dearest ever Cuppy is having a stellar giveaway on her blog. Honestly, she is one of the friendliest girls in blog world, and you will quickly wish she lived in your neighbourhood so you could be best friends from childhood.

She featured some of my items in her giveaway, which made my day.... and the other sellers' items are out of this world perfect, kawaii and cute. Here is her blog and giveaway. Please breeze by and check it out :)

To continue my Christmas countdown, I have to admit, I let my grade 8s make me cry today. They don't know this. I waited until I was in the car. In someways, I love them so much, in other ways... well, the truth is I need to toughen up A LOT! It's definitely a learning experience. BUT, the good news is, I got to think about the happy mail I had waiting for me.
I received my Ornament from Becky's ornament swap with her paper craft robot AND the berries I ordered from her shop. I was so impressed with how sweet everything was (including the packaging). So my images for the countdown today, are the pretty things from Becky that made my day. Please also visit her blog. You will love her!

These berries are a gift for a friend of mine (who doesn't read my blog obviously) but it's painful parting with them.... seriously. (Okay, I'm keeping one. They can be friendship berries, haha)

Guess what I'm making tomorrow?!
Thank-you Becky and Cuppy! Love to both you ladies xoxo


cuppy said...


This post made me feel so squishy & good inside! I needed it because I had an oogie day of icky!

Thank you for promoting my giveaway but most of all, thank you for being an integral part of it but most most of all, thank you for being in my life & one of the brightest & best parts of 2010 !!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoo

sgwillsphotography said...

Neat strawberries charbear!