Saturday, November 6, 2010

Real life Women Superheroes - War Brides

With Remembrance Day approaching, I thought a tribute to the War Brides would be a fitting topic for Real Life Women Superheroes. These women left everything behind to follow their soldier husbands to a new country and life. Jobs, families and security were abandoned for men they may have only briefly known. Then, as everyone knows, women in the 1950s were expected to be perfect women, housewives, mothers, which is worthy of tribute all on it's own.
These women were strong in a changing society, paving the way for future generations, since after World War II society in many ways, had to be recreated.

The website provides this definition of "War Brides"
During the Second World War thousands of British women married servicemen stationed in Great Britian, including Canadians who were posted there as long as six years. Many overseas romances ended in marriage despite discouragement from the Army. The Canadian government finally decided to assist the couples after the end of the war by providing transportation to Canada for dependents of Canadian servicemen. Most of the brides came to Canada in 1946, with a total of 48,000 women emigrating to Canada between 1942 and 1948.

Most of the women and children landed in Halifax at Pier 21, where they were met by immigration officials and then Red Cross workers who arranged temporary accommodation before the immigrants were guided to special trains. More than 90% of the brides were British, and most were welcomed in the communities where they settled across Canada. But many of the new arrivals found it difficult to adapt to their new country. Many were shocked to find wood stoves and outhouses, to settle in rural areas and - far from family and friends - to be incredibly lonely.

The War Brides of World War II affected a generation of Canadians involved in the conflict, and influenced a new generation in Canada by strengthening ties with Britain.

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