Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hair Bows and Hair Moustaches

This post is gonna be a lot of pictures and mostly a lot of pictures of me. Just giving you advanced warning.
First, I will share the lovely things I received/ordered from other lovely bloggers/crafters.

A little while ago, I traded handmade with Cindy at Purple Froggie Clay Stuff. She made me some adorable robots, but she also sent me some very fun, very pretty polymer clay beads. Even though I was super busy this week, I took some time for craft therapy and made this necklace with her beads.
I loved wearing it. It was a funky addition to my outfit that day :) Thank-you Cindy!

Elycia at Love Elycia is selling moustaches to raise money for prostrate cancer to celebrate Movember. It's a great cause and a cute product. Check out her etsy shop and blog. I bought one but she markets so well, and her packaging is so sweet that I already want to buy another one, and not just for me, for all my friends too!

Can you tell it's me? Of course you can, my hair is always in my face in photos. You would think I would notice eventually, but no.

And I made some hairbows this week based on a fashion photo I saw somewhere but can't remember where. The model was wearing a HUGE hair bow, so I made one too. I'm not brave enough to wear it though. Lindsay at Pixies and Bears wrapped part of my package in a lovely fabric swatch so I made another bow with that. It's more my size. Thank-you Lindsay. I love it :)

A perfect sized hair bow.

A ridiculous, although fun sized hair bow.

And finally, some cameos for my shop. I'm keeping the boy and girl cameo though. It's hard parting with all the cute charms I find, so once in a while, I keep them JUST for me.

And a pretty pile of felt hearts because I love you!


With Love, Jamie said...

Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE that fabric SO much you used for that top bow headband!! So retro & mod & CUTE!
You are so adorable!

cuppy said...

I love those big hair bows AND the cameos so so so much !!!!

You are the prettiest girl ever <3


Ruth said...

love those bows, you really need to wear the green one it's awesome! especially with your amazing hair colour!

Kym said...

I like the green bow as well, it does look nice with your hair color.