Monday, November 8, 2010

Caution Canadian Content - Joo Joo Land and the Notebook

I don't even know if they're together any more or not, but I love Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.
I remember Ryan from his Road to Avonlea days, (a definitely Canadian tv show, also starring Sarah Polley).
Obviously, the Notebook is their or at least his biggest deal movie (I could be wrong, but he really doesn't do A list movies.... right? Murder by Numbers is his only movie I can remember the name of, other than that Lars movie). But she's good in Red Eye and Mean Girls.
He's BAD in Murder by Numbers but soooo hot! And she's just adorable, anyway, Canadian cutest celebrity couple perhaps.
Feel free to correct me. I'm not set in this argument.

And a Toronto Ontario etsy seller, whose items are so sweet, they'll make you want to collect or create your own polymer clay figures and delicate jewelry.

You can find her shop, Joo Joo Land here.


Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

Thank you for stopping by my sweet friend! I'm doing well, thank you for asking.. How have you been doing?
I really like the photos your Trades that you go and of course Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams!

Can't wait to see a photo of the item you made out of the beads we traded. :-)

Teddi said...

i used 2 watch road to avonlea. i love those books by l.m. montgomery. which character was ryan g. on that show?

Kym said...

They make a cute couple...and The Notebook, well, what a enjoyable movie!