Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photographers and Giveaways!

I am in love with photography.
But not just taking my own photos, I love looking at other people's photographs just as much.
When I first signed up for etsy, I instantly feel in love with the work of these two photographers. I am sure you are very familiar with both of them. But just in case not, here we go.

Yann Pendaries Photography

Yann photographs European scenes, and each photograph represents important Historical moments or emotions from his own experiences. They are simple yet powerful images. He has a facebook page too. Link here.

Also, he is very friendly and helpful and seems so grateful for positive feedback.... great salesperson (and human) in my opinion :)

Photographer 2, and I'm so addicted to his work.... like addicted is an understatement.... Bomobob

I wish I was kidding but I had to stop going to his etsy shop because every time I find an image I love even more. I'm also proud to say he works out of Montreal. Canadian eh? Hooray!
Here is his blog link. He often posts helpful etsy photography tips. Furthermore, he is a very nice seller! -So friendly, prompt and just stellar!

I guess this post goes to show, good customer relationships are just as important as quality product. I love their work, but the kindness is the part that sticks in my mind and makes me want to visit again. I am so cheesy, omgoodness, gag! haha

And I love giveaways!
Brooke Ann is having a giveaway at her blog. (Look Hunger Games! I'm reading it now..... soooooo good!)

And Kellie is too! Giveaways make me happy :)
Such cute items!

And on that note, good night loves!


Ruth said...

i bought some bomobob prints a year or so ago and i loooooove them! looking forward to checking the other work out too!

kym said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog and now I follow yours cause it is so so cute!

I would like to do the garland swap, but I'm involved in a couple at the moment and wouldn't have the time. I am always on the look out for new ones from time to time.

Anyway...hi new friend.

the perfect pear said...

The colorful rainbow picture is SO CUTE! its very creative, love this post!