Monday, October 18, 2010

I love.

Things I love.

1.Cereal, and this little doll with a bowl of cereal on her head.
I just quickly looked at some of the other items in this etsy shop. And everything is SUPER cute. Momiji cute in fact!

These cereal bowls are also pretty cute, particularly for all you Monster lovers out there.

2. Inuit Art has a shop, you can link to it here.

3) Giant Coffee/Tea Mugs

4) Lego
(Honestly, how can you beat a TEEN WOLF Lego Keychain?)

5) Pictures of hugs (oh, and real hugs, of course!)

Hug images from

Image by me :)

6. This. I haven't figured out where it originiated yet, but I will.

Enjoy the week ahead loves! xo


Little Miss Curious said...

Love it! :D And thank you for comment :)

Ruth said...

i love your blog so much... there is always something cheerful and inspiring to see. however there is also a very dangerous side to visiting - you link to the cutest shops ever!!

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

So very cute!