Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Friday Lovely Blogger Folks!

As before mentioned, I am toying with the idea of having a garland swap. I use the term garland loosely because it can be a bunting, paper chain, piece of string with some felt hearts attached to it. If you're interested (and I would like at least 2 more people to be interested.... hopefully) email me at or just leave a comment with your email address. Thanks!

And on to other news, these super cute post cards arrived from Gewwy Beans.

She sells this sweet shopping tote. I kinda wish I had scooped one up.

The artist also has a cute blog. I believe she works from Singapore.

Yesterday, I picked up the fabric squares I am using to make flowers and bows for my little cousins. I figure I will attach them to the top of their Christmas presents. Cute right?

These aren't great examples, but I'm completely in love with glittery make-up and I mean extreme glittery make-up but I never have a reason to wear it... somehow it doesn't seem appropriate for a teacher or librarian.

And that's all until Monday loves. SIGN UP FOR THE GARLAND SWAP! xoxoxo <3


CupKay said...

what a cute idea. a garland swap :) and that fabric is lovellllyyy. fabric is so addictive, it's scary!

Sera Pie said...

Um, a garland swap is kiiiiind of amazing! What a cute idea!

I love those glittery shadowed eyes too.

Courtney said...

That eyemakeup look is so pretty! I haven't worn glitter like that since high school but its cute and I might try it again!
Oh yeah...what's the timeline on the garland swap? I'd like to do it but would need lots of time to get it all done!

Elis said...

I love glitter eye shadow, too. I have a lot of mineral eye shadows with glitter in them and some that are just straight-up glitter! ^_^

Count me in for the garland swap, please!! I already have an idea of what I want to do, and I think it'll be so fun. ^___^
My email is

Holly Loves Art said...

Such a fun post! Pretty colorful garland... swap sounds fun! Cute doggie doodles... love the white dog with the bone in his mouth.... and all that gorgeous eye makeup and glitter! Whoo!
Thanks for sharing.

Teddi said...

cute fingerless gloves, but my fav pic is of the glittery fairy like make up. i die. i heard about the garland swap from courtney & i want 2 join, but what do i need 2 do etc?