Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall = Arm Warmers and Dark Arm Warmers rather Dark Nailpolish :)

I love arm warmers! And Fall is the perfect time to sport them!

From Lolide
And my favourite set.... From Lemonade and Lamington

Nail images from

And now my version!
Please observe the lobster earrings

My favourite pair, although the ribbon ALWAYS comes undone which is annoying

Rainbow Brite style!

Also, I still love these little earrings, the kind you wear when you're a kid. The Ice Cream Cones are from childhood, so are the dice.... but the hedgehogs and guitars are recent (embarrassed expression here).

Finally, if you expressed interest in the Garland Swap, I will post more info in the next few days! I have two ideas and I can't pick which one but both are CUTE!

And, I did some crafting this week. Lots in fact, but I will post about that tomorrow :)
Happy rainy day loves! (well it's raining here, hopefully you're having nice weather whereever you may be) xo


Amyschmamey said...

#2 and #3 are MY FAVES! Oh my gaw, They are so cute! Love the polish too. and I HEEEEEEEART Kiddie Jewelry :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said... look adorable. =) I'm in a place where it is summer all throughout the year, I am missing fall and winter lots, I miss wearing arm warmers and boots. =) Happy fall sweetie!

Becca said...

Hmm. I never would have picked out arm warmers OR dark nail polish but I truly like the way this looks on you! And the arm warmers you picked are kinda cute....

kym said...

I love arm warmers and I actually have a pair, but I feel like I don't know "how" to wear them? Does that make sense?

Love all the nail polishes...I'm going to paint my nails a funky color today...

Ayeisha said...

WOW at your lobster earrings!
They're amazing!!!