Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eeks! Cute elephant alert

If you haven't already checked out Lindsay's blog Pixies and Bears, and her etsy shop of the same name, you need to.

Although I don't know her personally, anytime I've purchased from her or had blog conversations with her, she's always so lovely and is the kind of person that makes the blogger community so great. I thought this previous to today, but was reminded again when I received the plushies I ordered from her in the mail.

The packaging was sweet, she pays attention to detail, she's kind and the product was better than I even pictured.

I should mention that I bought these little guys because Lindsay was having a SALE! I think the sale is over, but you should still check her shop out.
Like look at this fawn? I want one of these little ladies SO BADLY!

Available here
And!!!! I don't even get to keep the elephant or whale even though they look fantastic with my things, because I bought them for Christmas presents (I'm making a sad face here).

Then look what she included! - lip butter from Nioi. It has a great texture going on. I really, really like it and would definitely buy it in future- which will be very soon because I keep putting it on. I nearly ordered more tonight as a matter of fact. It's that GREAT! So far, my favourite is Asian Pear. Sooooo yummy! (Not that I ate it, but you get the idea).

All of this amounted to a very happy customer!

(see the happiness? Although my hand looks weird and this photo is really cheesy, but just go with it, please!)
Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! I think I might keep that elephant. My little cousin will never know the difference.

Oh wait, I almost forgot, here's some prezzies I made for my bff and her husband.

A tshirt with our inside joke


cuppy said...

OMG !!! I LOVE LINDSAY ♥ !!!!!

For some reason, I thought you guys were friends! I always think of the main few girls that I am really in love with in "blog land" (YOU, Lindsay, Kam, Kellie, Courtney, Janel - to name a few) and I just assume we all know each other !!!

You look super duper extra cute with adorable on top in that picture of you holding the plushies ♥

By the way, your letter goes in the mail tomorrow! I finished it today !! YAY !!!!


Courtney said...

I adore Lindsay! She really is as sweet and polite and amazing as people think she is!

Also- you have really amazing hair! How long is it? (Sorry if that is a little strange!)

Ruth said...

the tshirt looks awesome! what did you use to make it?
love that fawn too, and the other cuties...
dangit, you and those amazing shop links again!!

alovelylittleworld said...

@ Ruth, it's just an iron-on transfer that I drew and printed. Thank-you!

and @ Courtney, thank-you as well, and no it's not strange!!!! It's nearly to my elbows, very heavy and very messy, but you really are too sweet :)

alovelylittleworld said...

@ Cuppy, I assumed the same about you and them, haha. Crazy world. Love to you xoxox
I'm so excited for my letter!

chiaracat said...

I am in love with pink deer!

Ayeisha said...

HAHAHA, shoulda been a unihorn.
That is funny :]


Lindsay said...

wow!!! This post seriously made my day pretty girl! I am teary eyed. Thank you so much!! That lip butter is so addicting!!! I buy it in bulk and give it in my orders now. So good I have to share it :) *still blushing*