Monday, September 27, 2010


I am completely addicted to two things right now (beyond my normal caffeine, Cheerios, etc. addictions, of course). I am refering to craft swapping/trading handmade and garlands/buntings/etc. So, to get to the point, I was thinking it MIGHT be interesting to do a garland swap. I do realize it's getting close to the holidays now and there are quite a few other swaps going on.... so I'm just putting this out there to see if anyone is interested.

I think "garland" should be totally up to your interpretation.... long, short, paper, fabric, yarn, colourful, monocolour, Christmas, non-Christmas, whatever. If you would maybe be interested, please leave a comment with your email address or email me at
You can also feel free to make suggestions.

A variety of lovely garlands and buntings from google images, and
Paper people chains (I use to love making these!)

Short heart garlands

Christmasy circle garlands

Felt rectangle garlands

Pretty paper???? garlands

Crocheted flower garlands

Colourful buntings

This is one of my favourites! Pretty bow garlands

Diy pompom garlands

And good ol' fashioned paper chains!


Missy said...

I am loving all these garlands and buntings...I think I want to make one :-)


Elis said...

I love the garlands swap idea! You can totally count me in--just let me know what to do since I've never really done a swap before. ^_^
Also, I emailed you about your button--if you don't get it, let me know. I like how I use your blog as an opportunity to answer comments you left at mine. Uhh. ^_^;; I really need to fix the comments feature at my site, lol.