Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I made a heart!

I finally learned how to do a blanket stitch. I have been starring at it for months wondering how on earth.... and finally I asked my aunt and she said "oh yeah, I know how, it will only take me a second to show you. It's so easy" and I thought... wow, if only I had asked in the beginning. Look what I made!
And a close-up because I'm so pleased!

I realize it's not quite even but whatever :)

And some lovely Blythe postcards from pictures and postcards at etsy (or creepy post cards if you aren't a Blythe fan.... sorry)

I think I ordered doubles of four post cards and she sent the rest as freebies. I was pleasantly surprised. On top of that, the seller was very nice and my order was custom too. She sent me coupons to share with my friends, so you get a discount and I get bonus points... I'm not sure if anyone is interested, but email me if you are and I will send you one of the coupons.

And by golly, the discount is good for 4 different etsy shops!!!! I need to look at those. I should pay better attention sometimes to my mail.

As an aside, I know there are a lot of mean, in fact horrible people in the world, but there are a lot of kind, compassionate people as well, you just have to know where to look :)
And finally, coming soon......

Your sneak peak! Although man that photo is crappy.
I also made these earrings

and this necklace for me! But I did make extras for my shop too. I really need to remember to use a better camera :(

It's a tiny key ring with skeleton keys. I heart it lots (and you!)
So this is all me, me, me. I hope everyone is enjoying their week. I've been planning Christmas craft presents already, anyone else? Any suggestions for little cousins?


Elis said...

I just have to say that both you and your blog are super adorable! And I was wondering if you have an image I could use to link to you on my site?
Everything you made is so cute, but holy cow! I think I love that skeleton key necklace the most!! Keys are one of my favourite things of all time. ^__^

Sera Pie said...

Cute blog! I think Blythe dolls are so adorable, and your little heart is too!

Maddie's Minis said...

How Sweet!!! I happened to a search to check up on my etsy shops and found your blog! I sent you the Blythe Postcards! What a small world. The internet is amazing, isn't it? I'm glad you like them!