Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Mail! Hoo-ray!

I'm in love with this robot pillow that came from my Happy Mail partner. And it's green, pink and purple. My favourite colours :D

I got these stickers from Walmart. I think they are cute. I got them to send with penpal letters but I'll probably keep most of them, haha.

And, I'm a dork. My headband AND my sweater are black and white striped. TACKY????!!! All the way.

Isn't this necklace cute? I found it on etsy here. I hope one day to buy it, or at least make my own.

And I wanted to share these post cards the other day, and forgot.
They are from here.
I do believe you can make 3D houses out of them (if you want to cut them up, but I wouldn't want to cut them up). Anyway, that's all for tonight! xo


Rachele said...

Yay mail is happy! You got some cute stuff! That etsy necklace is genius :)

Celeste said...

1. mail is the best!!!
2. i'm sort of in love with that etsy necklace
3. you are so pretty and adorable! matching headbands/sweaters and all :)