Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally on Friday

I got stuff done today! I even caught up on all my journal prompts, now I just have to make the tissue paper wreath! (I'm completely patting myself on the back, thank-you very much). I just have a few emails and a mess to clean up and I will be a very accomplished lady (at least for today).

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to write about. I temporarily forget what I wanted to write about....
More postcards came in the mail this week. I got an extra one as a bonus and it was a double of my favourite one, so that made me happy. The seller was very nice and created a custom (sort of) listing for me and then I decided to order something she already had... oops! This makes her extra great for tolerating my silliness. The shop name is Dear Detective, which is pretty cute, you have to admit. Here's the link to the shop on etsy. There are tons of pretty vintage cards too, if that's your thing.

I also ordered this adorable print which I love love love. I saw Amy Rose's shop through someone's blog giveaway but I can't for anything remember who... BUT here's the link to Bunnies and Bows at etsy. Also, the print originally had blue eyes, but Amy made mine with brown eyes, because I have brown eyes and I'm a tea addict (and apparently I want drawings of myself, how egocentric?!)

And finally, my cousin saved a turtle the other day. She always saves turtles. If she sees them crossing the road, she stops, puts them in the backseat and drives to the closest body of water. I never stop for turtles on my own. I never see turtles on my own. I don't think I've ever hit a turtle (I hope!)
Here's Mr. Turtle (or Ms.) She/he was thrilled to be released into the river :)


 My apologizes for the slightly disjointed post! Happy week-end!


Elis said...

That I love tea drawing is so super cute! And I love turtles. ^_^
Oh, and I don't know if my blog notifies people of comments or replies (it sure doesn't notify me! D:) but I was saying over there that I could make you a text box for link code real quick if you want. Just let me know. ^_^

PaperCameraScissor said...

i found your blog through Pixes and bears(lindsay's). I have to say your blog is so cute and I love all the posts. I went back several pages and I had to make myself stop. I work third and need to get some sleep. lol

gwenstella said...

the print that you ordered is indeed very adorable! :)

Lindsay C said...

I love that turtle! That is amazing!

ps. I nominated you for the sunshine award on my blog!

Check it out here:

Sharmy said...

Accidentally, I find the turtle and see your blog. I am curious to open it. I really like the pictures, the toys are lovely with various styles.