Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eeks! Good stuff!

I was going to do one super long post about the last few days, but I think I will break it in to two and finish tomorrow. This has been a great mail week and a productive craft week and I want to share it all! (Oh and a fun meet a fellow blogger and see her super cute table at a craft fair week!)

Elycia has a super cute blog, and makes the cutest ever head bands (this is the link to her etsy shop). She had a table at a craft show in St. Catharines (where I went to University) over the weekend and I planned on scooping up some headbands.

Images from her blog
Well, I never did end up with a headband because I fell in love with her prints. How cute are these?

I'm not sure if I hung them crooked on the wall or the photo is just crooked... haha. I would like to frame them all, but that's a project for another day. I was so excited to get them up, it was the first thing I did when I got home. And you know what, she was so kind and great, that she gave me all of them even though I only asked for 4!

This picture doesn't even do them justice, they are just so cute!

Another super great blogger, and part of my happy mail week, is Becky Farley. Look at the postcard package she sent me! I love every bit of it... and although she was kind to me, I am somewhat inclined to be greedy and not send them to my friends because I want to keep them. Selfish though right? You can find these post cards in her shop along with many other absolutely amazing items.

She even does her packaging all cute so I had to post a photo.

I tried to show the back and front of each card style.

I did a close up of this one because I love the little raindrop in the corner :)

And ladies, if you read this, your kindness meant the world to me! It's been a tough week, but when I stopped and thought about how nice you've been, the world was a better place. Thank-you :)

I always feel slightly odd being sentimental, no matter what the reason and I TOTALLY am with the above comment, so on a different note, some funny pictures.
It's sort of hard to tell what's going on here. I wanted to really clean Mila's cage so I put some paper on the floor, you know, so she doesn't make a mess on the carpet. She decided she's rather build a tent.

And finally, my friend in Holland told me about a day where all the gingers get together. Perhaps he was pulling my leg?

I hope it is real and that one day I get to join this gathering, haha! Seriously though, doesn't it look weird? Like not bad weird, like fun weird? (Although I think I'm allowed to discriminate against my own hair colour maybe?) Here's the article.
I hope everyone is having a very lovely day! Good night loves!


Jennifer Louise said...

This is a great post, thanks for sharing!
I really love those prints, they are rather cool! Especially since they seem Blythe inspired (I'm gonna take a guess there, because she has Blythe dolls at her stand!).
Hahaha you should def. go to that gathering someday! :P

BeautifulDoodle said...

Hi there!
I live in the Netherlands and as far as I know, there is no day that all gingers come together ;) But... there was a photographer who wanted to show the beauty of all gingers, and wanted to have as much of them on one picture, and that one was taken in the Netherlands! So I guess he was pulling your leg, but the picture is real.

cb said...

i love elycia's blog and her goodies! so jealous you met her!
i want to go toa ginger gathering, although i am not a ginger myself!


Jess said...

I love both of those blogs too! You got some great prints, jealous! Also, being a ginger myself, I am completely supportive of a ginger gathering! Sounds like great fun! That picture is hilarious! :)

PS. I've changed the url of my blog from BoringDaze and was just informed that my posts are not showing on peoples newsfeeds! If you fancy re-following, you can here! Thanks! :)

elycia said...

hi! i love the garland you hung up over the prints :) it was so great to meet you and i'm glad you like the prints. you're very sweet and you're making me blush, hehe.

a ginger gathering! if that's true i need to tell my friend about it. she has lovely red hair just like you. ivan actually said you kind of look like her in the photo of us. she's one of my vintage dress 'models' on etsy. maybe a small resemblance, but it might just be the hair, haha.

Becky Farley said...

bahahaha I love that you said you're gonna be greedy ;) you're too cute!!! I'm so happy you got them and love them! Woot woot!
Awesome you got to meet Elycia IRL (in real life) :) she's so crafty!!

Hey your photos are beautiful! You are very talented!!!

Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl said...

I adore Elycia! I would love to meet that talented lady.