Monday, September 13, 2010

Did and Did Not Day 1 from the Twilight Zone

For this week, I'm doing a "did/didn't do" list each day. Partly because of Lindsay's cute collection challenge. I collect quite a few things, but I also WANT to collect quite a few other things. I won't explain further, I'll just show you below :)

1) What I do collect: post cards. Old and new, foreign and local, random and standard.

What I don't collect: Momiji dolls ~ I only have 1 in my collection which essentially means it fails at being a collection.

2) I did photograph these lovely ladies during a faux wedding shoot on the week-end.

I did not photograph Joseph Gordon-Levitt and likely never will.

3) I did get to listen to the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack driving into Burlington today.

I did NOT get to listen to Paramore on my drive home from Burlington today. My car REFUSED to play the cd, which made me a bit angry.

And on top of the Paramore thing, there was so much construction today. Then this woman in an suv tried to squeeze into the lane in front of me when traffic was crawling and I didn't know that's what she was doing because I couldn't see because of a truck in front of me. I assumed she was just over a bit because of a bicycle in her lane. So I went around her. I realized THEN what was going on, and let the next car in and moved over to the left hand lane which had opened but it was a trick. The left hand lane was closed too, so I tried to get back over and the lady from the vehicle I didn't let in wouldn't let me over and yelled out her window "YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN NICE!!!!" Urgh traffic is bad enough without you drive-by nagging me :S haha. What a day! Good thing I came home to great mail from my penpal in Germany who makes the prettiest envelopes. I will have to post a picture tomorrow because this post is toooooo long. Good night friends! xo

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Lindsay said...

AWWW I love your collection of postcards!! And I have the same Momiji, she is adorable!! I will be using one of your postcard pics for my favorite collectors post at the end of the week!!
eek! Thanks for joining in on the fun!