Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did and Did Not also bread clay recipe!

I collect pineapples. I also got a whole set of "bon bon" Christmas ornaments which I absolutely love so I put them in the picture with the pineapples.

I don't collect Jon Cusack movies unless they start with an S.
I have Serendipity, the Sure Thing, Say Anything and Sixteen Candles. This was not done intentionally.

I did get this super cute post card from this shop. If you need post cards, you really should check out this shop. It's called earthtogirl. The package was wrapped up so nicely and her envelope was printed with her logo and everything. It's also all recyclable! I was impressed.

I did NOT make anything for my own shop despite the fact I'm renovating at the end of September. Look how cute these charms and pendants are though. They will be jewelry featured at A LOVELY LITTLE WORLD very soon!

I did watch Pollyanna today.

She is much better at seeing the good in everyone and everything than I am :S I do try though!

I did not venture outside much today. It poured all day!

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Oh and last night, I went to visit a friend who loves Christmas as much as I do. We listened to Christmas music and crafted. She showed me how to make clay from bread. It's really easy and although my items don't show how great it looks when it hardens, you can do really cool things - she made cinammon buns that looked real! (Just tiny)

Bread Clay recipe:
1) Take the crust off two pieces of white bread and rip the bread into little pieces (like if you're making turkey stuffing).
2) Add in about 1 tablespoon of white glue.
3) Mix together. You may have to add more bread so that the clay isn't too gooey. You want it to be a similar texture to playdough.
4) You can add food colouring, but we added acrylic paint. It makes the colour vibrant.
5) Make you shapes! Then you just leave the clay out to harden. It takes a few days, but it looks magnificent! Mine isn't dry yet.


cuppy said...

Make sure you look at my recent blog entries! You might see something that makes you smile ♥ xxoo

elycia said...

hi! i did happen to take a quick email/blog check break. the show is at Glen ridge public school.
Glen Ridge Public School
101 South Drive, St. Catharines

i'm excited!

Becca said...

Clay from bread? That is so peculiar!

carly. said...

i love john cusack and pollyanna used to be one of my favourite movies as a kid!

Ruth said...

i could watch serendipity EVERY DAY. how's that for dorky??!