Monday, September 27, 2010

Craft Fail and Craft Victory, plus some love

I love Robin Hood. And by this I do not mean Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe or any other celebrity crush, I genuinely mean, I love Robin Hood. True love knows no bounds haha
I also love John Cusack, so maybe that wasn't true love after all.... oops. And by that I mean, John Cusack.... complete celebrity crush.

I did some crafting over the weekend which made me feel productive. Although I would like to share my what is commonly known as a Craft FAIL!
I didn't have a pattern for this pirate mouse and I thought the ovals I used for his head looked too big but I thought "meh, it will still look cute". Then I decided I didn't need to use thin white thread I could use big thick dark blue embrodiery thread (just because it happened to be near me) The result is a largely deformed pirate mouse. Part of his deformity resulted because I realized he was deformed and attempted to trim off some of his head and re-stitch. I have banned myself from EVER attempting to make felties/plushies/or anything besides basic hearts and flowers! Here he is in all his glory!

I did, however, also experience craft VICTORY! These fabric flowers are sooooo fun to make!

I stuck a few of them to bobby pins for my hair!

I also had the opportunity to work with a local model. We went for a rockabilly theme and it was a lot of fun. The model was super terrific! I'm planning on posting some more images tomorrow, but for now... Ana!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Love to all xo


the perfect pear said...

Wow those flowers attatched to bobby pins are SO pretty! love love love them! so much, such a great idea :)

Ruth said...

i love the pins in your hair!! you are so pretty. great photo too!

cuppy said...

I am so desperately in love with those fabric flowers !!! SO PRETTY !!!!!!!!!!!

I was wondering, totally off topic but, do you happen to have a code for a badge I can put on my blog of your blog?


bebe bird beck said...

You are so cute!
I loveeee those flowers in your hair. Awesome. :]