Friday, September 17, 2010

Collection 5 Did/Did not

I do collect picture of Jesus, haha... that sounds a bit funny but what I mean is, I've been a Sunday School teacher for years and I truly love it. Everyone once in awhile I ask my kids to draw me a picture of Jesus. (Once we did postcards from Heaven too, that was fun) I loved the pictures so much and it was so interesting to see their interpretations of Jesus that I kept them and now I have quite a collection. The top picture in the collection is actually Jonah. I have a few other random Bible people in the assortment.
This is a very interesting take on Jonah. The little girl drew her whole family safe on the back of the big fish. Her older sister is the one about to be swallowed, haha.

Jesus is very happy to be hanging on the cross apparently.

I'm not sure,but it looks like the hecklers may be holding pitch forks.

And turkey at the last supper.

This is one of my all time favourites. It is titled "Jesus and a robot".

And baby Jesus looking much like a centipede

Lion of the tribe of Judah - Clever boy!

Jesus loves you too Charedy. For clarification, Charedy is kid spelling of Charity, who is me!
Cute eh?

Now I do not collect twinkle lights. I love them though and I think you can never have too many. So far I have two strands. Standard and chinese lanterns.
Bronner's in Frankenmuth use to have Shrek twinkle lights. I wanted to show you but I can't find them now, so how about Hello Kitty, cupcakes and guitars!?

I did make a huge mess today trying to sort craft supplies.
I did not clean it up (as of yet) and I did not order these super cute book ends from etsy.
I did however include them in a treasury. I will feature some of the other items later because this is getting long and I still need to mention that...

I DID drink coffee today

But I DID NOT drink hot chocolate even though I felt like it and I rarely do. Although I often mix hot chocolate with my coffee mmmmmmmm!

Coffee and hot chocolate images are from
Sorry this is so long. Tomorrow I'm going to a craft show <3 Happy weekend!


With Love, Jamie said...

Hi! :)
I'd love to plan a trade!!
I see you make bows (I saw one in your shop) I have really been wanting some bow clips/headbands! In like fall colors or black...
Let's chat more!
xo, Jamie

Eva said...

Aww so adorable to see the children's interpretations of the scripture :)

Ashley said...

the bookends are adorable. Baby jesus as a centipede?! Hilarious!

elycia said...

hi charity!
it was awesome to meet you today! :)
kids drawings are awesome. one of the kids at the show was doing drawings of everyone. she did one of ivan and i and also one of the girls i draw. so cute :)
talk to you soon!

smileyeyes said...

Love those bookends!!! -Katie

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww....what a cute cute post. The drawings are adorable. Kids are just the cutest aren't they? =) Have a lovely day.

Ruth said...

squirrels! be still my heart... they are my favourites! the ultimate comedy animal. i was just faffing around online today to see how i could decorate my desk at work for autumn and twinkle lights are definitely part of the plan :)
pitchforks and centipedes... what brilliant drawings!
i am adding you to my blogroll thingy, hope that's ok!

taylormadenews said...

this is just the sweetest thing ever! i love how honest and innocent children's minds are.