Thursday, September 16, 2010

Collection 3

Yesterday's post a date late.

I do collect: Mini things, I particularly love musical instruments that look like the real thing, just tiny. All of mine are Christmas ornaments. I bought them at Bronner's in Frankenmuth Michigan. My collection, and this is such a dorky collection, is not limited to ornaments. I also have an assortment of dollhouse miniatures, and odd little creatures that I either made or accumulated somewhere a long the way. I took a whole series of photos for this, so be warned.

Party time!
Look at this spread!
Guitar shopping

Skinny dipping?
A large number of them in a messy looking heap!

Now that I've completely revealed how irritatingly dorky I can be, I will move on.

I do NOT collect: Miniature chairs. I really want to though. Especially the Vitra House of Design ones, but they are so expensive.
How cute are these?
This is the extent of my miniature chair collection.

I will skip the rest of the did/did not because this post is already long.
Happy day! It's almost the weekend!

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louloustar said...

So Cute !!
I love small things too! When I was little i had a 'Sylvanian Families' longboat and resturant full of tiny little critters and all their tiny things. This post has probably just inpired me to start collecting!