Thursday, September 2, 2010

Choose happiness

A few weeks ago I decided one of my goals would be to find something that made me happy in each day in order to appreciate the little things in life. This week-end I just couldn't do it. I didn't feel happy at all, and in someways I still don't. In fact, I'm outright cranky despite my efforts to not be.
Anyway, my crankiness prompted this post. I decided to go through images on weheartit to try to inspire some happy thoughts.

I just love this one! And I love that it was tagged happiness. They do look happy :)

I like the Notebook, but I don't actually like this part of the movie. It seems silly to me. I love this collage though.

And last but not least, some solid advice!


Tee* said...

This is definitely the type of post I needed today. :)
Thanks for finding such wonderfully happy images... (I <3 the little goat.)0_o

Inventor@heart said...

I miss you Charity, the stories you wrote and read to me as a kid made me happy

Becca said...

Yeah! That is so happy. I like the little lamb hopping :)