Monday, August 2, 2010

Vintage Rainbows

Fun Etsy Finds

A bear from the 1960s that squirts water. Found here

A cute dress also from the 1960s. Found here. This store called craftycrowvintage has tons of cute dresses.

Rainbowy glassware. Found here

And I love this!

Found here. Eleanor also does stellar journal prompts. Check out her blog here.

Ohhhh, I just found Rainbow Brite fabric. I was obsessed with Rainbow Brite when I was five. I wanted to be her so badly! I had rainbow wallpaper and a Rainbow Brite bedspread. It was so sad when we moved and I didn't get to take the wallpaper, haha.

And some happy rainbow pictures from

And one from me, which I will very shortly be offering in my shop as notecards, found here


Eleanor said...

Charrrrrrrrrrrity! You flatter the heck out of me! Seriously! You are a complete and utter doll!


Emily said...

I need that bear!