Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tshirt making fun

1)First, you have to preheat the iron to the hottest cotton setting. You don't want there to be steam. Don't use the ironing board. You need to find a hard surface (a table maybe) and preferrably one below waist level because you need to push really hard on the iron. Let the iron preheat for about 5 minutes.

As an aside, I used the top of the food freezer in the basement. This mostly worked, except there was an odd bump that I had to work around. I didn't notice it the first day but the second day, urgh!

2) Place a pillow case on the hard surface. You can't see a pillow case here. Iron the pillow case and then the shirt. Wrinkles will NOT help the transfer :S

3) Obviously place the transfer, coloured side down! What a mess otherwise. Also, make sure the top is pointing to the top of the shirt. I was so afraid I was going to accidentally put it on upside down.

4) Iron with two hands! Trust me! Or at least pay attention. I ruined this transfer because it shifted when I tried to photograph myself ironing. Yikes! So not good. I had to make a little felt applique to cover the spot or else I would have had to say good-bye to that shirt.
For small transfers, you can go over the transfer, getting all the corners and edges for 30 to 45 seconds. Make sure all the waves are flat. Half page transfers should be ironed for 3 minutes. Going from left to right, 20 seconds each pass... and the top to bottom 20 seconds for each pass.

5) You need to let the transfers cool! At least two minutes, but basically until they feel cool. Don't lift the paper until it's cool... again, I know from experience, you'll take off half the colour. I should start my own craft fail page, haha.

6) Peel the transfer slow from the corner. If one corner doesn't work, move to another one. The transfer should be sort of "melted" into the fabric. It won't have loose edges if it worked properly. Sometimes you can use a piece of the backing and place it over loose corners and re-iron, but the backing needs to have no colour on it and .... this isn't always recommended.

My Dr. Sheldon Cooper t-shirt! Hurray! I heart him so much.

I made a tardis t-shirt for a friend for his birthday. The first one tanked because I forgot I had light coloured transfers and I ironed it on a black shirt. Now I have a new sleep shirt with just a big black patch on the front. No details at all, oops!

Lots of new t-shirts!

My new momiji doll tshirt. I added little green felt hearts and my logo on the back of the shirt.

Have a good-day beautiful!


Jess said...

I love Sheldon! And Doctor Who! Great tshirts! :)

Emily said...

I love your momiji tshirt! Your blog is lovely by the way! :o)

Becky Farley said...

You're so awesome and so SWEET!!! Thank you!!! I love my buttons, but I think I love the iron-ons more ;) Really I OMGed them lol Thank you Charity!
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