Friday, August 6, 2010

Peaches and Raspberries

I love peaches and raspberries. They are definitely one of the highlights of summer!
So, I did an etsy search of peach and raspberry and here are somethings I found.
Starting with this little print, found here.

Roller derby skate guards. Not that I play, but wouldn't it be great? Found here.

Found here


Found here

And switch focus for a second. The shop featured above is called the Salvaged Tea Party and it has amazing stuff. I love it all. Here's another raspberry related item.
Wow, I want it bad.

I have absolutely no use for this at the moment since it's for a little girl, but I love it anyway. It's so cute.
Here's the shop.

A zany table cloth from the 50s. Found here.

This not raspberry or peach related but Archipelago Vintage (seller of the table clothe) also has this really cute postcard from the 1940s. I collect postcards. I might need to buy this one.

I will be back later with the pictures from my tshirt creating success (and failures, plural)
Happy Friday xo

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Marisa Midori said...

Those skate guards are the coolest! Also love the adorable "home" plates.