Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday night, I had an old fashioned sleep over, if old fashioned sleep over includes dinner at a great Japanese place, coffee at Starbucks and breakfast at Cora's at 11:30am. The lovely ladies I was with are two of my oldest friends. Anyway, we stopped for a very mini hike to Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario.

I came home to exciting mail! Bookmarks from Becky Farley. If you contact her, she will send you one too. I love them! (And she has a super great blog).

And today I went to Michael's and all I found was a new friend for Mila.

Hehe.... I thought this was quite funny in a lame sort of way. The beanie baby and the eraser are both hamsters not guinea pigs but whatever.

The cat wanted in on the fun

Hope you're having a happy Wednesday, xo


Marla Rae Morrison said...

I love waterfalls! Soo beautiful! Your little ones are too cute!! : )

Becky Farley said...

bahahahaha to the guinea pig (s) plural! So cute! :)
I'm glad you got your bookmarks and loved them!!!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend lil lady!

Inventor@heart said...

I hike at tiffany falls often, if you climb the side to the top you can follow the stream to another smaller waterfall, beyond that there is a trail that if you follow it long enough through the forest leads back up into ancaster near Rouseaux.