Thursday, August 26, 2010

It has been a great mail week! I got a number of letters, my badge from Lindsay at Pixies and Bears and my momiji doll! (I also got one for a friend for her birthday, that's why there are two in the picture).

On a sad note, one of my best friends from Grad School is moving across the ocean to teach. We haven't seen much of each other in the last year, but still.... not being in the same continent makes me miss him more.

My other best grad school boy and his girlfriend feature in this picture taken last summer in my hometown.

And just for fun, a chipmunk in my neighbour's yard last summer. There were four babies living with her in that tiny hole! I have a picture of them somewhere, I should dig it out.

Happy Thursday friends :)


elycia said...

ohhh i love those dolls so much :)
if you don't mind me asking...where is your friend going to teach? my bf and i are researching teaching overseas. i'm curious.

Rachele said...

Aahh, that chipmunk cracks me up!