Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I was a little bit mean to somebody today and now I feel very, very, very badly. I need to learn that just because someone gets under my skin, it's not my God given duty to put them in their place.

I won't give you the details, but I should have starred in Mean Girls :S

On a happy note, one of my items made the front page of Etsy on the weekend. I haven't figured out how to properly show the page here, so I'm posting my screen capture of the image. (I also photographed hehe, so lame)

Finally, as redundant as this is... I think Rob Pattinson is adorable. Not so much as Edward oddly, but in interviews and such and in this photo, he's just freaking hot.

And to finish of the evidence of my complete nerdiness, I made a treasury of blythe items I want to buy even though I don't have a blythe doll. Again, I don't know how to post the treasury here so I'm just gonna attach the links for the relevant shops.

A green hoodie from Blythe Station

This plaid skirt from Pistachio Libby

These boots from shopoholican

A bright coloured toque from Milky's Corners

There are other items too, but I won't overwhelm you. Besides that, I want to show two photos my cousin took and the models are wearing jewelry I created!

My stuff is just the flowers/ring but still fun, right? haha


cuppy said...

I completely understand! I absolutely HATE it when I am unintentionally mean to someone. It makes me feel HORRIBLE.

A few months ago I went to my physical therapy appointment & I happened to be having a really bad day (pain wise) so I was pretty irritable to begin with. I get there & the receptionist had me re-do all these forms I had filled out on my last visit so I was annoyed by that. When I was done, I brought the papers to her & she went over them & said that I left some spaces blank & I replied "they don't apply to me so that's why I didn't write anything" and she said "you have to write something!" so I snatched the paper back from her & wrote "SOMETHING" across the lines & sort of threw the paper back at her.

About 10 minutes after this I felt HORRIBLE. Just simply horrid. So, when I went home, I decided to call the office & apologize & then the next time I went in, I got her a gift card for Starbucks (she was drinking a coffee the day I was a jerk-face).

I know I redeemed myself but it still bothers me.

chelsea rebecca said...

ROBERT PATTISON is so gorgeous!

and everytime i wanna say something not nice i think about how i don't want to put negative energy out into the world!


Ashley said...


Okay first,
I use to be a total mean girl, and can still be very mean at times. I hate myself for it afterwards, but I have such a bad temper! When people do stupid things like spill beer on me, stand somewhere they know people need to walk through, don't know how to do their job... it really pushes my buttons.

congrats on being on the front page of etsy!!!

RPats is a handsome guy, I don't think he is very attractive in twilight though. His character in that movie is a total turnoff for me. I am team Jacob.... But he was adorable in Remember me!

elycia said...

ahh congrats on the front page! that is awesome!!
so do you live in hamilton then? i didn't realize that! you should definitely go to go tempura...you'll probably see me, haha. we go pretty frequently.
if you wouldn't mind asking your friend a few things about his application process that would be awesome. you can email me at loveelycia@hotmail.com if it's easier than blog commenting, haha.

and...i have a bit of a secret crush on robert pattinson. don't tell anyone.

LDTillustrations said...

Hello! I just found the link to your blog on The Nearsighted Owl and am now following. Just wanted to drop a comment and say I really like your blog - your posts are so colourful and cute!
I am also, on times, a Mean Girl though I try not to be one of the girls I work with drives me nuts. I think perhaps I should make more of an effort, though when I'm doing her job and mine it is a little difficult!