Saturday, August 7, 2010

I might be a slug

So I'm feeling sluggish today. I ate dark chocolate peanut m&ms and that nearly made everything better. They are so so so good.
Anyway, I did some crafting though. So I thought I'd share some of things I worked on/finished today. Before that though, yesterday I made a list of "happy thoughts".

Here they are, 46 happy thoughts:
Heaven - Being God's child (He will be a father to the fatherless has always meant more to me because I lost my dad) - letters & packages - Kyle & Scott - Josee - Taking photos - TAing - Momiji dolls - Mila, my gp - LOVE - Spreading love to the world - charitable organizations - Juno soundtrack - canoeing - The Immortal Instruments books series - The Big Bang Theory on tv - Walmart with Joe & Sarah - Ice skating - Getting "Cute" stuff I don't need - giving people presents - memories of daddy - Christmas - Bronner's - fingerless gloves - flowers or braids in my hair - dark nail polish - Church picnics - mixed cds or new music - 1980s teen flicks - Robin Hood - Secret of Nimh cartoon - Monty Python self-defense skit - Seeing Gowan with Bruce - going barefoot - wearing socks and sandles - teaching computer skills at the library - costumes (especially historical) - Churchill quotations - lots of flowers - a warm, cozy bed - saxophones - Badly Drawn Boy - Alex photographing BDB - Blog comments - sweet potatoes - HUGS!

As a result of the 46, I searched and for hug pictures. I was going to post them here, but I've decided to start a hug blog, where I can post hug photos and blog hugging stories and I will include a link to my email account so people can send me photos of hugging and inspiration stories and information on charitable organizations or whatever. I'm really excited about it actually although I'm not sure how to really spread the word.

So.... more on that later.
Craft photos!


Ruth said...

oh i love your list of happy things! i think tomorrow might have to be a flowers and braids day. love the crafts too - there is nothing better than hot pink and lime green (except maybe hot pink and orange!)

Carol Anne said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on Janel's blog! I love that list of happy thoughts! Sometimes just realizing all the blessings in your life can cheer you up! :) Have a wonderful day!