Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I went camping last week in Algonquin Park and it rained, a lot. Despite the rain, it was fun, and I took a few photos, so I will post them eventually. Before I went, my cousin had her friend up for a visit and made her model for a photo shoot.
I snapped a few pics while they were doing that...

I made this tacky-licious ring! It will NOT be for sale in my etsy shop. It's so heavy it keeps falling off the ring blank. It's crafted from polymer clay and junk basically haha. My cousin requested I make it for her fashion photography course (AND SHE USED IT ON HER MODEL!!! :) ) I will post that picture later.

Hearts :)


I use these leg warmers as arm warmers. They are certainly a fun, although not particularly fashionable accessory.

Then when I got in from the park last night, I promptly went back into Hamilton with some friends. I finally bought the movie Accepted, which is frankly quite terrible but I love it and Justin Long. It was $5.00 at Walmart. Then we hit up Starbucks and Indigo.
Here's a photo of two of us, quite pleased with out purchases. The photo is blurry because it was dark in the car, and my flash is too bright but it was fun just the same.

Mohawk College at night

I heart dorks. I think Justin Long qualifies <3

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Ruth said...

i heart dorks too. a lot! now i am trying to think of some hearty dorks to name-drop but my mind has gone blank... i'll be back though! ;)