Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Algonquin Park

I go camping here every year. It's so lovely and peaceful and any number of good adjectives. This year I didn't take that many photos and I just used a point and shoot but here are a few of my favourites.

It rained a lot.

But the lake is so serene after the rain

A sunset on our only not rainy day

Solar-powered Christmas lights hang from the awning of the camper

Bonfires every evening. Note the twinkle lights in the back ground :)

Mist on the lake is very thick mornings.

We do a lot of canoeing. This particularly day the water was so still everything was reflected in it.

You can somewhat see the old lumber in the bottom of the lake. Algonquin Park was originally an important lumbering area. They would run the lumber down Lake Kioshkokwi, and the remanents of the lumber runs are still there to be seen in the shallow areas.

A frog.

A view from the lake towards the Lake Kioshkokwi office and camp ground.


Ruth said...

oh my goodness - those pictures with the reflections in the lake, they are stunning! looks like a great place!

Josh said...

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