Friday, July 16, 2010

Just a head of hair

30 Days to Truth.
Day 11. Something people compliment you on. I wish I could say something nice like my shining personality or my clever wit, but sadly no, haha. Probably because I have neither. It’s shallow and superficial, but my hair. It’s a brownish-red not the glowing orange of real red heads :( And it’s not curly. It’s straight and messy and heavy on my head but people seem to compliment it a lot. (Or ask me if it’s my natural colour, EVEN MY HAIRDRESSER in Windsor asked if it was my natural colour). Apparently it has lots of streaks and colours that make it look like it’s be hi-lited and lo-lited and all of that. So that’s day 11.

This photo doesn't really show my hair, but I like my little garland I'm making that features in the background, so the photo stays.

Happy Friday xo

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cupcake cutie said...

i love the garland

& you're such a cutie!!!!!