Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Little Marcus is all grown-up!
I have this bizarre attachment to the Hugh Grant movie About a Boy. My heart breaks every, single time I watch it. When Marcus gets up there and sings, I can feel my chest get all tight with anxiety. In fact, I heard the song "About a Boy" by Badly Drawn Boy on a tv show or something and started crying just because it reminded me of the movie. I have some issues perhaps. Anyway, the point is, my little Marcus is all grown up. He is going to the play the Beast in the X-Men prequel. I love X-Men already, and now I'm excited. Although I doubt he will break my heart as the Beast. Also exciting, James McAvoy is Xavier. Hurray! What a good day that will be for me :)
Here's the link to the article that brought me the exciting news

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