Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today is Canada Day and I did nothing to celebrate. I kinda suck! I did however sort my zillions of boxes. I've inherited anything people valued from the last two or three generations, plus I've been storing all my old toys and school report cards as well. I threw out sooooooo much. I even gave a huge box and 1 large bag to Salvation Army (except it's still sitting in my room because it's closed for the holiday).

Here are some fun things that I found in my stuff and want to share.
My grandpa was a collecter. He collected anything and everything from the centennial in 1967. (Canada's confederation being in 1867). He saved it all for me, although I wasn't born until 1982 so I'm not sure how that works. Here are some of things from the centennial.

And a Fraggle Rock bag. Hurray! I found my fraggle too, but I put her back in the box for now. I also found this pretty little embrodiery picture. I think my mom did it maybe? Or maybe my aunt. I should find out, but I like it. There use to be two I think but I took the other one apart when I was younger to handicraft it into something else. I must have failed.

This is part of my Christmas ornament collection. I love them all. I got all of these at Bronner's Christmas store in Frankenmuth Michigan. It is the BEST STORE EVER!

Finally, I did not make this quilt. Someone in my family did a few generations back. It's all made from men's suits. How cool is that? I love it, even though it's not the prettiest quilt on the planet. It's recycled and versatile :)

I love Canada! Happy Canada Day to you all!

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Mama Ventura said...

That stuff from your grandfather is so cool. Going through those boxes must have been a lot of fun. I also love that quilt!