Thursday, July 29, 2010

This post is basically just about other people's posts!
Or rather stores that other people have drawn my attention to which I want to buy from so badly!
Thera at Crafty Pirate has a link to ShanaLogic. I want so many things including this shirt:

And then Janel posted about Momiji dolls
I want one sooooo badly. Unfortunately, they don't ship to Canada so I have to order them from a Canadian distributor, which is fine but more expensive :(

Oh, and you have to check out this blog called Mila's Daydreams

Mila is that pretty little baby. Her mom invents daydreams for her, all different ones. It's very clever. I should do Mila's Daydreams the ripped off version and put my guinea pig in different magical lands, haha

And a few wedding photos by me :)

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elycia said...

those momiji dolls are soooooo adorable! thumbs down for places not shipping to canada.