Monday, June 7, 2010

Some happy photos

So probably everyone knows about this site, but I only recently discovered It's sort of like weheartit.

I had more but they aren't loading! How irritating is that!
I'm giving up. I will try again tomorrow.
Unfortunately this means I can't load the faux wedding photos I took. I was quite proud of them. I mean, I know they aren't stellar or anything but for a first real go at it, they aren't too bad, (I hope) I haven't seen the prints yet. This isn't necessarily the style I want to go with, but I had to work within the confines of the course and I do still think sometimes you need to learn the Art rules before you break them. Anyway, I find wildflowers photography sooooo inspiring. I definitely prefer the whimsical style of her photos to traditional (and even more modern) wedding and engagement photos.

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janel. said...

I have never heard of that site!! I am going to check it right now:)