Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick Etsy finds post

I don't actually have time to blog at this very moment, but I'm so obsessed with these etsy finds that I want to share them before I forget :)
One is a tiny gumball machine from a shop that sells miniatures. I saw the gumball machine and it suddenly came back to me that I ALWAYS wanted one back in my dollhouse days.
The Thin Veil has tons of sweet stuff. I also want the globes. I think they'd be cute earrings.

And a straw necklace, and that's not like farm hay straw, that's drinking straws. It's so colourful and creative (and she dreamt the way to make them!) Brought to you by Hippie Kingdom. I even love that the shop is called Hippie Kingdom. I need to be more hippie.


Katie said...

That mini gumball machine is so awesome! It would look so cool in my childhood dollshouse! :)

alovelylittleworld said...

I know! Except I want it now! haha. It's only $2.75.