Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not so impossible!

Scripture of the day: With man this is impossible; but not with God; all things are possible with God - Mark 10:27

It was so perfect, I was sitting there perturbed. Overwhelmingly discouraged about certain things that I want to change. I thought "Well, I need to find my blog scripture of the day". I opened my Bible and Mark 10:27 was the first scripture I came to.... that's very exciting, because the thing is, I just said I was going to believe for something BIG this summer :D

Hmmmm, apparently I have abandoned finding a song for the day.... oops.

Here are some lovely photos, which I found searching backyard weddings on a budget. I, as usual, copied them without paying attention to the URL. If you recognize the following photos, I'm sorry, let me know and I will credit you/your blog/anyone required... or take them down if you desire. Thanks!

I saved some of these photos because I'm now set on having a backyard wedding with lots of twinkle lights and chinese lanterns, OR because I'm using them for inspiration for my faux wedding shot this week-end for my course. I love the softness of the bride photos, I'm going for that for one of my photos. I also want to wear my hair like that (sans bangs).

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