Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My World Today

Here are some pictures of what I did today. Actually the picture of myself and my pretty beads are from another day. I ordered the beads and wanted to share them. I can't wait to use them but I need to get a few other things first. I'm also posting the purchases that I did make today! Two books from the Young Adult section of Indigo. The Gone series by Michael Grant is actually kinda horrible but for some reason I love it! Lies is the third book. Slam is by Nick Hornby. I love his writing. I had no idea he had published this, I found it because it's near the G section where Lies was waiting for me. I also got flip flops to decorate for myself
(2 for $3.00) and I needed a portfolio for my wedding photog course, but the real portfolios were grossly over priced so I settled for a nice enough scrapbook, as my cousin pointed out, it really is for me and not my instructor anyway, so I may as well be happy :)

Oh, and of course my latest journal prompt. A sketch of someone you love with a note saying why you love them. I wrote about my cousins. I've lived with them since I was 16, just before my dad died. They are so special to me.
I also re-posted prompt 2 because I cut off the border. I like it better now.

The end! Looking forward to prompt 4!


cupcake cutie said...

you are sooooooo pretty!!!
& your journal pages look GREAT!

alovelylittleworld said...

I didn't see your post before. Thank-you. You just made this day better!