Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Making Bohemian Style Earrings (that look slightly deformed here)

So here's an easy way to make super cute earrings, just it's not working for me tonight... but guaranteed, your's will look stellar.
You need beads, wire, earring hooks, crimp beads, jump rings (Everything is really easy to acquire, for a super cheap pair, you could even check dollarstores or Walmart for the supplies)

First some Mila pig love. She wanted in on the fun!

Step 1 I don't know what this wire is called, but it's the stuff that looks like thin guitar strings. You need about 20 inches per earring. Take the wire, string on two crimp beads and about 12 beads of your choice.

Loop the end without the crimp beads through the crimp beads to make a loop. With the long end of the wire, string approximately 10 beads of your choice. Loop the end back through the crimp beads again.

So now you should have giant loops emerging from the two crimp beads. String 8 small or 6 large beads on the wire, and again, feed through the crimp beads.

The hardest part is getting all the loops to sit at an even distance and centred. You may have to play around with this, once you've got it the way you like it, take needle nose pliers and pinch the crimps, leaving a quarter of an inch of wire between them.

Finally, take two jump rings (I used a small one so it couldn't slide past the crimp beads and a standard sized one) and attach one in between the crimps, and the second to first and then add the earring hook. Finally, clip the excess wire. Voila!

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