Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Craftinesses

Etsy find of the day: A plush guinea pig.
Now I'm not super crazy for stuffed animals, in fact, I hated when my last boyfriend even joked about getting them for me, and any he did give me from fairs, etc. I got rid of almost immediately after we broke up. Anyway, I want this guinea pig or basically any guinea pig made by Zygopsyche. I have some other great (pink) items in my latest treasury. I also love this lego ring from Pixxje

I think it will be my next etsy purchase! :)

So I had two days off in a row so I just started making stuff. Nothing for sale, just for fun. Here is the tent I made to get me in the camp craft swap mood, my beanbag bible character (who is now stitched but still needs beans and eyes), and with my beanbag guy is the fabric flowers I tried, I'm going to make a few more and some in one more colour and then I think I will sew them to a cuff. For some reason, I love cuff bracelets, so it's about time I make one.

I'm also posting a picture of the cute purse I found (at a quite unusual retail location which shall remain nameless) and a book I picked up at a shop in my town. It cost me $0.85 but I love the indie style illustrations.


Katie said...

I love the blog world too, it is so friendly! :) That guinea pig plush is so cute! And I love the little book you got aswell :)

Holly Loves Art said...

I love your lovely little world. Super cute blog! Thanks for sharing all the goodies. I love that stuffed animal too - he doesn't seem like a stuffed animal - maybe that's why he appeals to you so much. He looks so real!

Have a great weekend.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

such adorable finds!
and i love your blog!

alovelylittleworld said...

Thanks ladies! It's so nice to have positive feedback! And Holly, I think you may be right. It does look real, even though it's pink!