Friday, June 11, 2010

Grade 2/3 Happy Thoughts

I was feeling anxious and depressed this morning, so I tried to think of small things in life that make me happy. I thought of tons, it was such a fun exercise I asked the Grade 2/3s to help me make a list of their happy things. I will share my list later, the list featured, is theirs.




Getting an A+




Someone getting married

Baby pandas lying in the sun in hammocks (Based on the book we were reading)

Other things were: pets, my hamster, Burger King, Playing Xbox, Getting a new cat, fishing, paddling boat, motorboats, T.V., riding dirtbikes, cherry blasters (this one was mine, haha), ATVs, Sports, friends, family, hearing my friend is having a baby, music, getting an awesome toy, baby horses, getting thrown in the lake (my personal favourite), and reptiles.
Happy, happy, happy thoughts :)

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janel. said...

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