Saturday, June 5, 2010


4:17pm (After returning from my fake wedding shot which was super fun!)

I decided I want to do something for my community. I live in Dunnville Ontario. It's located near Lake Erie, and the Grand River flows right through it. I also wanted to start a charity. I guess normally you start with a cause, I started with a mission. Anyway, the point is, I'm going to combine the two. Dunnville doesn't take advantage of its tourist potential sometimes. It's kinda lackluster and even a tad rundown. I want to start a charity just for Dunnville - to beautify it, and also help families in need. Dunnville doesn't have a vast job market, most people commute to other areas. Bicks Pickles is only a seasonal employer and definitely doesn't pay much.
I'm going to call it Love for Dunnville. I toyed with charity for Dunnville, but it sounds so..... pathetic. I think Love for Dunnville is a lot more optimistic. This community needs something unifying. A lot of people move here, move away, are in transition, which doesn't really foster a neighbourhood, if you know what I mean.
So that's my plan, craft shows, bake sales, getting local businesses to donate, I'd like to do fashion shows, maybe involving local photographers for glamour shots. I don't know. The sky is the limit really! Anything to raise self (and community) worth. I just wish I knew where to begin! Ideas?

And some pictures I took the other day:

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