Thursday, June 24, 2010

Camping toilets and dollarama!

I am really, really excited about the camping craft swap. My stuff is almost ready to be mailed to Amanda. I just have to finish one thing and package it all for shipping. I had to do mine early because I'm all the way up here in Canada, haha :P
Anyway, I saw this sign today and thought I would share, on behalf of the camp craft swap.

I went to dollarama today just to get two things, and I left with two bags. I HATE dollarama for this very reason.

And I haven't been posting my journal pages. I will add all the ones I missed yesterday. Here's today's though and a picture of two lovely necklaces I made, as well as one I was given from a trading post near the North Shore of Lake Superior (Agawa). It has the best jewelry ever and it used to be very reasonably priced, but I think it changed hands and now it's a more typical trading post.
Oh, and two pictures of Simon Baker from weheartit. The journal prompt about favourite tv shows reminded me of him. I use to love the Guardian, but it only did two seasons! Now I get to see him every Thursday night in the Mentalist. :) xoxo to him!

Job postings are up today for teaching jobs next September. I'm multitasking at the moment. Interviews make me so nervous and I don't even have one yet!

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cupcake cutie said...

DOLLARAMA omg, i spend so much money there, well not really cause it's dollarama, but i always get lots of stuff!

and he is suchhh a babe